Monday, August 3, 2015

O My! Goat Milk!

I am obsessed with goat milk beauty products, and when I saw these packs of soaps and lip balm by O My!, I had to have them of course. These products are made here in my current home state of Virginia, which is awesome!
First of all, these soaps smell AMAZING! I bought 3 different packs: Coffee Companion, which comes with Iced Mocha Coffee and Caramel Macchiato, Summer Lovin' which comes with Summer Melon and Kiwi Berries, and Wine Lovers, which comes with White Zinfandel and Merlot. I opened the Coffee Companion pack first and put the Iced Mocha Coffee bar in the shower, and now my whole bathroom smells so much like a fancy cafe that I'm afraid it might attract hipsters. I have Kiwi Berries by the sink and it is delicious, I love any scents that have kiwi in them and this is definitely a very unique and yummy scent, perfect for summer. I haven't opened any of the other soaps yet, but you can pretty much smell them through the shrinkwrap, and they are all amazing. I'll review the rest of the scents I bought when I open them!
Now on to the real reason why I bought these packs: THEY CAME WITH LIP BALM. The Coffee Companion pack came with an Iced Mocha Coffee lip balm, Summer Lovin' had Orange Sorbet, and Wine Lovers had Sangria.
I don't like coffee, but I love to smell other people's coffee, and this balm smells like a freshly made iced vanilla latte. It's a very strong scent, which some people don't like, but I personally love that in a lip balm. It has a super yummy vanilla coffee flavor, I swear you even get a hint of bitter 'coffee' taste. This flavor is really cool, I didnt think it would like it because I thought it would taste and smell like straight-up coffee, but it's awesome.
This one is now in my top 5 favorites of all 500+ lip balms I own. I'm a sucker for citrus and creamy orange flavors, and this one is insanely good. It smells like a melted Dreamcicle and I love it. This one doesn't have a flavor on the lips so much as the coffee flavor did, it's sort of a light cream flavor, but you can still smell melted Dreamcicle super strong when it's on your face.
Of the three, this is my least favorite scent, but that's just because I'm a Sangria hater. It's by no means a bad scent, it's very unique and very Sangria. It has a slight 'soapy' aspect to the scent, but it's still pretty good. It really doesn't have much a flavor, even less than Orange Sorbet does, but you can smell it when it's on your lips, it's pretty strong. Even though it's my least favorite of these, I still really like it!
These lip balms are incredibly moisturizing and make your lips soooo silky smooth. The balm is very soft in the tube and applies very smoothly. The packaging is adorable with a little goat face on it, along with the flavor name and a list of ingredients. I would absolutely love to get all of the flavors, and if I do I will definitely be reviewing them all! You can buy these soaps and balms, along with all their other amazing goat milk products, at and visit them on Facebook at

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