Sunday, August 30, 2015

Happy Birthday to my little munchkin Kairi

My sweet little munchkin is a year old! We found her in the street a few hours after she was born, with her umbilical cord and placenta still attached.

She lived in a Rubbermaid tub next to the bed, we had to bottle feed her every two hours, rub her butt with a wet washcloth to get her to poop, and make sure she stayed warm. We didn't know if she would live, so we were afraid to name her and get too attached.

When she finally opened her eyes and started exploring we knew she'd be okay, so we named her Kairi!

She's the sweetest kitty and we love her to death.

Friday, August 28, 2015

African Tortoise Skull!

I finally got around to cleaning this guy! 

What I'm currently working on

I got a big batch of fresh heads from a tannery, and I'm so excited to get started on them! My biggest project in this batch is this HUGE Icelandic Ram skull
The horns are fully curled on both sides and are gorgeous. He came with this label saying that he has "weird teeth" so when he's a little cleaner I'll be able to see them better and find out what's weird
I've got him macerating in a tub now, it should take at least the weekend for the tissues to start falling off. 
I also got this awesome Jacob sheep! Jacob sheep are adorable and have wool that's great for yarn, and they can often grow 4 or 5 horns at once! He's macerating in the tub with the ram. Tomorrow I'll pull his and the rams horns off because they can be damaged by maceration. They'll go back on when the skulls are all done. 
The rest of the skulls I got! A beaver, otter, bobcat, coyote, skunk, domestic rabbit, cottontail, gar, and a doe! These are all still in my freezer, but I bought some new smaller tubs and I plan to start a rabbit, bobcat, and maybe the gar tomorrow. 

Monday, August 3, 2015

O My! Goat Milk!

I am obsessed with goat milk beauty products, and when I saw these packs of soaps and lip balm by O My!, I had to have them of course. These products are made here in my current home state of Virginia, which is awesome!
First of all, these soaps smell AMAZING! I bought 3 different packs: Coffee Companion, which comes with Iced Mocha Coffee and Caramel Macchiato, Summer Lovin' which comes with Summer Melon and Kiwi Berries, and Wine Lovers, which comes with White Zinfandel and Merlot. I opened the Coffee Companion pack first and put the Iced Mocha Coffee bar in the shower, and now my whole bathroom smells so much like a fancy cafe that I'm afraid it might attract hipsters. I have Kiwi Berries by the sink and it is delicious, I love any scents that have kiwi in them and this is definitely a very unique and yummy scent, perfect for summer. I haven't opened any of the other soaps yet, but you can pretty much smell them through the shrinkwrap, and they are all amazing. I'll review the rest of the scents I bought when I open them!
Now on to the real reason why I bought these packs: THEY CAME WITH LIP BALM. The Coffee Companion pack came with an Iced Mocha Coffee lip balm, Summer Lovin' had Orange Sorbet, and Wine Lovers had Sangria.
I don't like coffee, but I love to smell other people's coffee, and this balm smells like a freshly made iced vanilla latte. It's a very strong scent, which some people don't like, but I personally love that in a lip balm. It has a super yummy vanilla coffee flavor, I swear you even get a hint of bitter 'coffee' taste. This flavor is really cool, I didnt think it would like it because I thought it would taste and smell like straight-up coffee, but it's awesome.
This one is now in my top 5 favorites of all 500+ lip balms I own. I'm a sucker for citrus and creamy orange flavors, and this one is insanely good. It smells like a melted Dreamcicle and I love it. This one doesn't have a flavor on the lips so much as the coffee flavor did, it's sort of a light cream flavor, but you can still smell melted Dreamcicle super strong when it's on your face.
Of the three, this is my least favorite scent, but that's just because I'm a Sangria hater. It's by no means a bad scent, it's very unique and very Sangria. It has a slight 'soapy' aspect to the scent, but it's still pretty good. It really doesn't have much a flavor, even less than Orange Sorbet does, but you can smell it when it's on your lips, it's pretty strong. Even though it's my least favorite of these, I still really like it!
These lip balms are incredibly moisturizing and make your lips soooo silky smooth. The balm is very soft in the tube and applies very smoothly. The packaging is adorable with a little goat face on it, along with the flavor name and a list of ingredients. I would absolutely love to get all of the flavors, and if I do I will definitely be reviewing them all! You can buy these soaps and balms, along with all their other amazing goat milk products, at and visit them on Facebook at

Saturday, August 1, 2015

African Tortoise!

I gave a copperhead snake I had to a taxidermist friend who needed one for a competition, and in return he gave me a big python and a BEAUTIFUL African tortoise that he had in his freezer. Both of them died in pet stores. 
I haven't quite decided what to do with the Python yet, but today I put the tortoise in a tub of water to begin maceration, which will likely take 6-8 weeks even in this heat. I'm going to keep checking on it and remove the shell from the water when everything detaches so I can save it from discoloration. 
Will update on this little guy later! 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Revo Summer 2015 Lip Balms!

I've been obsessed with finding and collecting all the Revo flavors since their original summer line came out in Walgreens last year. Their most recent collection is the five Summer 2015 flavors, which includes Pink Lemonade, Cherry Cola, Pina Colada, Cotton Candy, and Orange Mango. The balms in this collection are not in their normal smooth spherical matte plastic packaging, but are shiny and have what I can only think to describe as 'ridges'. They're similar to the diamond shaped Revo balms that are sold at CVS. Orange Mango balm from the Summer '15 collection compared to Pumpkin Spice in the usual Revo packaging
Pink Lemonade smells pretty much identical to the Lemon Ice flavor to me. It's slightly more tart, more like a "glass of lemonade" type scent, whereas I feel like the Lemon Ice balm smells like straight up lemon Pledge (but I still love it). It's good, and the scent is pretty strong and on the lips it has a nice sweet lemonade flavor.
Cherry Cola is just like a freshly opened can of Cherry Coke or Wild Cherry Pepsi, you can almost hear the 'fizz' when you twist it open (not really but it is delicious). I have a few Lipsmacker balms and lip glosses that are cherry cola flavored and this is way better than any of those. It doesn't have any of that weird artificial or chemical scent/taste that others do. It has a nice flavor, like yummy Cherry Pepsi residue without the stickyness and calories.
Pina Colada This one is probably my favorite, not because I like Pina Colada, but because it has the strongest and most natural scent and flavor. This thing smells like coconut milk and fresh pineapple juice, and is definitely the most appropriate summer balm in this collection. On the lips it has a nice pineapple flavor, like those weird clear lifesavers that I only recently found out were pineapple flavored. Yum!
Cotton Candy I totally expected this to be my favorite flavor because I always love anything cotton candy, but to me this just doesn't accurately portray the cavity-inducing bags of goodness that are cotton candy. The scent is absolutely not bad at all, it just isn't what cotton candy smells like to me. You know when you make a pitcher of watermelon Kool-aid, and you pour the packet of powder into the bottom, and then dump the cup of sugar on top, and this big dusty cloud of watermelon-sugar dust flies up and hits you in the face? That's exactly what this smells like to me, and I love it. They should have named this balm Watermelon Koolaid Sugar Dust, which would be very appropriate for summer. I still love this one.
Orange Mango Mangoes are my favorite fruit, but I usually don't like anything mango flavored, especially because it's almost always paired with either peach or orange. That does not sound like it should be a bad thing, but something about those fruits mixing in artificial flavors just makes them taste and smell awful. I do actually like this flavor, but not because it's necessarily 'good' or an accurate mango flavor, but because it smells exactly like that bright orange kids liquid Motrin medicine. I love that smell and flavor, I could do shots of Motrin if you let me, I just think it's delicious. I can see how most normal people would not like this flavor, it's pretty medicinal, but you should still try it, especially if you're a Motrin fan like myself.
That's it for the Revo Summer 2015 Collection! Overall, I really like these flavors! Revo has very excellent and unique flavors, and I will continue to buy every single seasonal and holiday collection they release! I have almost all of the Revo flavors, so if there are any you want to know about let me know!

Monday, July 13, 2015

New Etsy Store!

I've created a new Etsy store where I will be posting some of the weird things I make and find! Check it out!